Chinese foodChinese food "Chinese food" is the most popular food in the world, but authentic Chinese food has many differences with Western food! Here are 15 or so more facts to educate and shock you.

1. World's Biggest Variety of Flavors — It's Not All the Same!
2. China's North/South (Wheat/Rice) Food Divide
3. Chinese Eat Almost Everything That Moves!
4. Huge Quantities of Vegetables 5. Crazy Vegetable Variety
6. It Must be Fresh in China — Canned/Frozen Food Spurned
7. Chinese Eat Bones… Or Spit Bone Splinters
8. Everything's Bite-Size for Chopstick Eating
9. China Uses 45 Billion Pairs of Chopsticks a Year
10. The Same Thing Can Be Cooked a Dozen Ways
11. Food Decoration Can Verge on the Ridiculous
12. Dish Names Can Be Misleading
13. Food Is Superstitiously Symbolic
14. Dishes Are Shared Lazy-Suzy-Style
15. The Guest Is Seated at the Table's "Head"